Reaching your audience

Getting the brand across

Ensuring that a piece of communication not only reaches its intended target but also does so in good shape with its core message intact can be challenging. Even more so when the same message needs to resonate with people from many different walks of life. A problem that international branding intensive companies know only too well.

Branding is the most powerful of communication disciplines But it is also the most sensitive. Very often, the brand falls apart before it reaches the market. Exposed to different interests, the brand starts to deteriorate as existing values are removed and new ones added. We call this “brand corrosion”.

Leanius is all about preventing brand corrosion. We help companies move each brand through the value chain with its integrity intact. How? By making sure that the people who shape the brand fully embrace it.

The framework

Synergy through co-creation

Galvanize through involvement

This level of dedication can only be achieved through involvement. That’s the principle Leanius is based on. We have devised a unique framework for building strong brands that enables everyone involved in the branding value chain to inject their knowledge, requirements, and ambitions into the core brand. All while meeting the wants and needs of the market.

Making the brand fit

The result is a brand aligned with the many intra-corporate interests that meets company aspirations and market potential. A brand that satisfies consumer demands exactly because it embodies the very values and characteristics of the parent company. This, more than anything, ensures brand loyalty – on both sides of the counter.


About us

We help companies revitalize their brand. We believe the key is to know yourself. Because only when everyone in your company pulls in the same direction can you draw on all your resources and make meaningful connections with your customers. And by meaningful connections, we don’t just mean sales. We mean loyalty. Growth. An experience that makes such a positive impact that your customers have to share the news about the difference your product or service has made to their life.

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