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Lean branding

Leanius is all about the perfect brand

We build lean, agile brands. Brands that are loved and adored both inside and outside the company walls. Brands with purpose. Brands that endure.
We strip brands of all that does not contribute value. And amplify all that does.We develop new powerful brands. And make existing ones shine.

We help turn corporate values into company brands, and help get product brands ready for launch. We ensure interests are aligned throughout the branding value chain. And, most importantly, we make sure branding results in more sales.

Welcome to Leanius.

Four reasons

Our guiding principles

If we add up the number of years we’ve been working with branding, it totals more than half a century. We’ve been involved in everything branding-ish from corporate branding, corporate culture, and CSR to product branding, category branding, and PR.
We’ve watched brands burn brightly only to fade away and we’ve seen dim brands suddenly light up. And we’ve come to recognize four principles for successful branding.

Keep it Lean

The leaner your brand the more apparent its heart and soul become. And the easier it is to fall in love with.

Engage brand owners

A brand’s clout is the combined commitment of the people who embrace it. Everybody matters. Co-creation ensures ownership and dedication.

Activate values

Brands are exposed to toxics every day. Strong brand values rooted in the company culture prevent corrosion and ensures longevity.

Narrate brand story

The power of the brand lies in its core story. A story specifically penned for the markets it’s intended for. What matters to the audience matters to the brand.

Our work

Recent projects

Developing a Family of Brands for Symbion

How do you turn Copenhagen’s largest office hotel into Denmark’s number one space for startups? Which brand strategy supports Symbion’s growth ambitions?
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Building a powerful brand for Kokke mod Cancer

In 2015 seven of Denmark’s most celebrated chefs declared war on cancer. A culinary celebration of life and a raised index finger at cancer, Kokke mod Cancer…
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Launching a strong product brand

Aware that branding is not an annex to sales but an integral part, our client approached us with a wish to create a full communication suite for an innovative, new product.
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Making brand values sellable

The bigger the operation, the harder it is to keep the brand intact. Something our client had become painfully aware of. The brand that headquarters had spent considerable…
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About us

We help companies revitalize their brand. We believe the key is to know yourself. Because only when everyone in your company pulls in the same direction can you draw on all your resources and make meaningful connections with your customers. And by meaningful connections, we don’t just mean sales. We mean loyalty. Growth. An experience that makes such a positive impact that your customers have to share the news about the difference your product or service has made to their life.

Contact us

Leanius ApS
Fruebjergvej 3
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
Phone: +45 6167 9393
E-mail: hello@leanius.com
CVR: 37395412
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