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Yes, we’re open! By popular demand we’re making some of our favorite solutions available online: our book on lean, agile, people-centric branding and our brand story power meter.

Albeit useful for organizations of any size, the latter was originally developed as a courtesy to startups. Few things can accelerate a new company like a powerful brand. Just look at today’s rising stars. They’re all propelled by a unique, engaging story. And since we have a very soft spot for startups, well, we thought we’d do what we could to help them get off the ground.

The book is our contribution to the already comprehensive literature on branding. Why add to the bulk? Because it’s time for a new dogma. Brands are so much more than a clever payoff and a funky wordmark, which is still the predominant view.

Brands are the realization of dreams. They are the remedy of pains, the super-ego to the id, and a promise – in one shape or another – of a better tomorrow. That’s why branding matters and why we do what we do.

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Download our book

From features to feelings

Lean, agile, people-centric branding constitutes the core of Leanius. It’s how we view the world and how we address challenges.

Always the generous agency, we’ve now written a book about our approach. Well, a booklet to be fair. But it’s still rich in illustrations, cases, and models.

The book is yours for free. All we ask is that you tell us who you are so that we can keep in touch. We promise we won’t spam you. We don’t even issue regular newsletters.

Please note that our book is currently only available in Danish. An English version is in the making.


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In the book:

  • 40+ pages on lean, agile, people-centric branding
  • Facts and figures
  • Real life cases
  • Our best tools

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Buy our brand story test

The power of your story

Do you have what it takes to become a powerful brand? Is your core story unique, authentic, and engaging? Does it reflect your values and your audience?

We have devised a test to measure the oomph of your brand’s story. A questionnaire that will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brand.

The full package consists of an analysis of your brand’s core story, an overview of its strengths and weaknesses, a set of tools for boosting the story, and a 60 minute session with yours truly. Wow!

This is how it works:

  1. Fill in the below form with your name, email and billing information.
  2. Pay the invoice that you’ll receive ASAP. Once paid we’ll send you a link to the test. (Yes, we know it’s a bit laborious but this will all change once we get our e-commerce solution up and running.)
  3. Reserve 45 minutes for the test. When completed we will revert to you within two working days to set a date for a presentation. If you’re not in the greater Copenhagen area we’ll schedule a meeting on Skype or Google Hangouts.


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Normal price: DKK 5,000.00
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In the box

  • A 45 minute questionnaire
  • An analysis of your brand’s core story
  • An overview of strengths and weaknesses
  • A toolbox for powerful storytelling
  • A 60 minute session with us

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About us

We help companies revitalize their brand. We believe the key is to know yourself. Because only when everyone in your company pulls in the same direction can you draw on all your resources and make meaningful connections with your customers. And by meaningful connections, we don’t just mean sales. We mean loyalty. Growth. An experience that makes such a positive impact that your customers have to share the news about the difference your product or service has made to their life.

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