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Making brand values sellable

The bigger the operation, the harder it is to keep the brand intact. Something our client had become painfully aware of. The brand that headquarters had spent considerable resources developing was not the brand being pushed by its foreign subsidiaries. Where HQ had put together a complex, value intensive brand proposition, the local markets advertised features and specs. It was the classic case of feelings versus functions.

The workshop

We were commissioned to optimize the brand. A task carried out not for the client but with the client. We knew that the insights, resources, and support needed to slim and streamline the brand was readily present in the company. What we had to do was facilitate and activate. A challenge best solved using our most powerful tool for engaging people: our workshop.

Identify market needs

For the first workshop exercise we asked participants to present their respective market, what’s unique about it, and what makes it tick. Markets are different, so the brand needs to be agile enough to embrace diversity.

Building upon the market presentations, participants discussed the importance and characteristics of the brand’s various stakeholder groups. Key stakeholders were selected and profiled according to their wants and needs.

Identify strongest brand assets

Having identified the values influencing stakeholder demand, we turned our attention to the benefits the brand supplies. Participants took turn presenting their hopes and ambitions for the brand. This allowed us to list the drivers that govern the participants behaviors towards the brand. They then selected the brand assets that appeal to them the most i.e. assets they can convincingly push. If the most dedicated ambassadors don’t fully embrace the brand, no one will.

Combine for a powerful blueprint

Combining the assets with the drivers we had a map of the brand assets that resonate the loudest with the people who own the brand. The stakeholder profiles enabled us to match the dominant wants and needs with the in practice strongest brand assets. The result: a blueprint of a leaner, more powerful brand.

Increased sales through branded selling

Said blueprint is nothing but lines on a piece of paper if not implemented. This means using the blueprint to increase brand story appeal, to define stronger brand values, and to develop new, potent sales tools.The latter is of great significance to the bottom line.

We used the insights gained from the workshop to create a new sales toolbox for the frontline sales force.

Thanks to the workshop and the sales toolbox, our client has made an impressive brand turnaround. The client’s brand is now alive and well in all major markets. And sales are still growing.

a talk book with key messages tailored specifically to prime stakeholders,
stakeholder character sheets profiling their wants and needs,
a sales guide explaining dos and don’ts for key markets/stakeholders,
a detailing app including brand values and features,
an online best practice sales module, and
an online survey and feedback system.

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