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Launching a strong
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Want a shortcut to product success? Make sure your brand is completely integrated into your product well before launch.

Aware that branding is not an annex to sales but an integral part, our client approached us with a wish to create a full communication suite for an innovative, new product. As the ambition was to take on the biggest competitors, the new product had to hit the ground running. This required complete integration of R&D, product management, branding, marketing, and sales – a core offering of Leanius.

When setting out to align different interests, asking questions is key. We used the 5W process to this end. 5W asks five questions central to lean and effective communication:

01 What drives us?
02 What’s the soul of our product?
03 What are the triggers of our market?
04 When do we shine?
05 What makes the magic happen?

In a workshop setting, this means asking participants to answer the question as if they were at the center of the universe. Since the purpose is to unite different, very personal interests, this inside-out approach is required.

The 5W process


What drives us

introduce yourself and your responsibilities
list three things about your workplace that make you happy
present three projects you’re particularly proud of
explain your interest in the product and what makes you tick
present and explain your success criterias and wishes for the product


What’s the soul of our product?

present features of new product
describe new product compared to previous product generations


What are the triggers of our market?

define and profile stakeholders
identify stakeholder wants, needs, and wishes
identify must-haves, nice-to-haves, and deal breakers


When do we shine?

compile gross list of product selling points
identify unique selling points (compared to competition)
rate USPs on a 10 point scale based on stakeholder preferences
select top scorers


What makes the magic happen?

produce positioning statement
pen key messages for top USPs
construct brand story around company identity, product USPs, and stakeholder demand

With R&D, product management, branding, marketing, and sales in sync, and a complete communication package in place, the new product was launched with great success quickly establishing itself as a power brand.


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We help companies revitalize their brand. We believe the key is to know yourself. Because only when everyone in your company pulls in the same direction can you draw on all your resources and make meaningful connections with your customers. And by meaningful connections, we don’t just mean sales. We mean loyalty. Growth. An experience that makes such a positive impact that your customers have to share the news about the difference your product or service has made to their life.

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