Dove: accentuating the fem in female.

Dove: Missing the Mark – Not the Point

Drawing on racial platitudes, the recent Dove advertisement has been labeled racist, an insult to women, and a major embarrassment to the company. However, not realizing that the ad would ignite massive consumer rage is perhaps Dove’s biggest blunder. Although the ad was off target by a mile, the Dove core story of female beauty in all shapes and sizes is still spot on.

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Nej, du kan ikke brande dig på pris

Sidste uge meddelte det danske lavpris-teleselskab Tjeep, at man ikke længere var i stand til at betale sine kreditorer og derfor havde indgivet konkursbegæring. Den tomme kasse, forklarede Tjeep, var et resultat af samarbejder, der ikke havde udviklet sig som håbet.

Vi finder ingen nydelse i Tjeeps konkurs. Og Tjeeps kamp for billig telefoni kan vi kun tilslutte os. Når vi vælger at bruge 634 ord på sagen, skyldes det, at den pustede nyt liv i en vedholdende diskussion her på adressen: Kan man brande sig på pris?

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Vadehavskysten: accentuating the ism in tourism

What does tourism have to do with pharma – the main focus area of Leanius? Well, both industries are strongly committed to people and quality of life.

Set on carving out a spot for the Vadehavskysten brand on the global travel map, VisitEsbjerg director Henrik Vej Kastrupsen invited Leanius to keynote a seminar on destination marketing with the Vadehavskysten advisory board.

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Why Agencies Suck at New Business

New business. By many interpreted as “non of your business”. It’s something most of us love to hate and often go great lengths to avoid.

But why really? New business is as much to the benefit of the client as the agency. Bear in mind that all business partnerships begin with that one request: “Could I interest you in a meeting?”

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Leanius interview in

We might be small, but we have a big voice!

November 13, 2015 Danish communications trade magazine featured an interview with Leanius’ own Tue Paarup. The topics for discussion were Leanius’ ingenious, bottom-up approach to branding and how involving all brand owners in the brand creation process is key to a powerful brand.

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Leanius now live!

Hello world! After months of hard work – and lots of fun – we’re proud to present Leanius, the first branding agency to apply lean concepts to communication. That’s right. Leanius specializes in lean branding and brand galvanization.

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