Vadehavskysten: accentuating the ism in tourism

What does tourism have to do with pharma – the main focus area of Leanius? Well, both industries are strongly committed to people and quality of life.

Set on carving out a spot for the Vadehavskysten brand on the global travel map, VisitEsbjerg director Henrik Vej Kastrupsen invited Leanius to keynote a seminar on destination marketing with the Vadehavskysten advisory board.

And so last week we went to the city of Esbjerg to discuss the brand potential of the gorgeous Wadden Sea – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – from Blåvand in the north to Tønder in the south.

It was a truly inspiring day. We made a case for the lean, people-centric brand, showed how the visitor is the true hero of the Vadehavskysten story, and explained why cooperation is vital for the succes of the Vadehavskysten brand. Because yes, when it comes to destination marketing one plus one does indeed equal three.

Our keynote was followed by Jakob Norgaard Mortensen from and Dorte Kiilerich from who took us on insightful journeys through online bookings and destination development, respectively.

We are proud and honored to have been included in such a select group of people. People who acknowledge that tourism is a lifestyle, a dogma, an ism. And as a such is the realization of dreams, ideas, feelings, and values.

A great day and a promise of a great brand.